What is Decision Intelligence Recommendation?

A decision intelligence recommendation is a very specific, actionable suggestion for what decision should be taken to help achieve an improvement against a key business metric.  Recommendations are clear, measurable and contextualized to improve a specific business outcome or initiative.

Decision intelligence recommendations are the corollary to opportunities. While an opportunity identifies and defines at a point in time when business performance against specific metrics can be improved.  Artificial Intelligence then creates a recommendation which would result in exploitation of the opportunity to create additional business value.

Recommendations are very specific, highly targeted and easily actionable.  For example:

  • Acme Corp should receive our cross sell campaign with an additional 10% incentive.
  • Move 100 units of SKU 23768-a from the Store 765 and Store 348 to the Memphis Distribution Center to avoid an out of stock condition that will otherwise occur on April 4.
  • These 1135 customers are at the highest risk of churn.  Offer them a $100 content credit and we expect 425 of the will renew with an average ARPU of $101.14
  • The mixer on line 2 will cease functioning in the next 72 hours.  Replace the belts on the core drive shaft during tomorrow’s maintenance window.
What is a Decsion Intelligence Recommendation?