Planning at Supply Chain Speed

Instead of leaving you with endless data insights and ML output to connect and contextualize, Diwo synthesizes it all and provides quantified recommendations for next best actions. By interacting at a sku/week level, users can see the impact of further business-specific constraints and context, such as market planning data or potential cannibalization.

Diwo_buy plan flow

With Diwo automating much of the process to connect multiple insights and add business context, time to decision is dramatically reduced.
Diwo shows quantified recommendations in an interactive, natural language format with business levers and constraints, allowing users to see the impact of their analysis and create an action plan in minutes.

Unlike other Enterprise AI platforms, Diwo’s patented approach to DI focuses on optimizing high-value business decisions which means time to value is realized much faster and continues to scale across other use cases. Let’s talk about how you can close the gap between insight and action for quicker responses to your Supply Chain scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Supply chain refers to the sequence of activities and processes involved in the production and distribution of a product, from raw materials to the end user. It encompasses all stages, including procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution, and aims to optimize efficiency, minimize costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.