Diwo Decision Intelligence Platform

Diwo combines human intelligence with patented contextual intelligence, AI, machine learning, natural language processing and a unique decisioning experience to help users respond to changes in their business by making better decisions, faster and more consistently than with traditional BI approaches. Diwo streamlines the analytics process to deliver meaningful insights and actionable recommendations from all types of data - in the cloud, on premises or from existing machine learning models - directly to a user in minutes. Decision-makers are spared all of the analytical toil and burden of interpreting myriad BI dashboards and reports while maintaining final decision control over which strategies to deploy.

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Chart_Insight Prodution

Surface Insights

AI, machine learning and contextual intelligence accelerate data analysis while eliminating human bias and error.

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Produce Recommendations

Diwo continuously monitors your data to deliver timely recommendations that support business outcomes.


Make Decisions

Users can make better decisions faster, with a clear understanding of the business impact.

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Surface Insights

Automate the movement and transformation of data in order to define data-driven workflows.

Diwo uses a graph database to store all context, relationships and syntax as an interconnected dataset enriched with meaning to support complex decision-making.

A group of distributed microservices that manage all of the knowledge in Diwo’s DI platform.

Diwo manages relationships to all applicable machine learning models in a use case. The Orchestrator executes models as needed based on the decision workflow and what the user is performing.

Diwo’s Insight Engine automatically surfaces, correlates and synthesizes actionable insights from your data and machine learning models.

Produce Recommendations

Diwo supports each use case with a unique UI developed with no-code/low-code configuration to tailor a user’s syntax, data requirements and workflow.

Diwo is configured around how the business makes its decision to optimize the decision-making process.

AI in which the results of the solution include evidence that helps a human understand and trust the results.

A user interface to query and interact with data using natural language, eliminating the need to learn SQL or other query languages.

A form of AI which leverages a business context graph to understand the intent of analytic efforts.

Make Decisions

The result of a cognitive process which determines a course of action.

Relevant insights, data, logic and predicted outcomes that help a user understand and validate a Diwo-generated recommendation.

The result of Diwo’s analysis that identifies areas of business improvement.

A specific, actionable suggestion to achieve an improvement against a key business metric.

Analysis of results after recommendations have been made compared to prediction value associated with the recommendation.

Deployment Options 

Simplify and scale DI with one platform that operates across clouds and on-premise environments.

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