Diwo’s Decision Intelligence tools deliver the ability to identify and explain optimal actions that measurably improve business outcomes. Diwo is uniquely qualified to solve the final step in the analysis process - decision-making - by producing explainable, actionable and quantifiable recommendations to augment human decision-making. Here’s how.

Diwo Decision Intelligence tools deliver real-time recommendations

By continuously monitoring your data environment including the output from ML models,  Diwo provides timely recommendations to drive business impact. The DI platform includes the following features:

  • No-code/low-code user-defined interface built for individual roles and workflows
  • Automated data pipelines that deliver intelligent workflows
  • Customized decision flow based on specific business processes
  • Patented contextual intelligence AI that understands the intent of analytics
  • Business graph database with a contextual dataset to support complex decision-making
  • A knowledge management module group of microservices for all information contained inside the Diwo platform
  • A machine learning model operator that manages relationships based on decision workflow and the specific task the user is performing
  • Insight Engine that automatically highlights data and turns it into actionable insight
  • Explainable AI that helps humans understand and trust suggested actions
  • Natural Language Programming (NLP) user interface that eliminates the need to learn query languages

Diwo Decision Intelligence delivers a real-time understanding of important metrics

Diwo utilizes AI, machine learning, and contextual intelligence technologies to help the user understand not only what is happening in the business, but also what can be done to improve the outcome.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence tools enable and support fast decision-making

Diwo empowers users to make quick decisions that will have the most business impact.