Decision Intelligence dashboards can never truly deliver the personalized, real-time insights that you need to make decisions in the business moment. Diwo delivers a customized UX to empower users with data insights and actionable recommendations in real-time.

Diwo frees you up from dashboard backlog

Dashboards take substantial time to build and maintain and they’ve become outdated with the current pace of business. Business users need a consistent view of key metrics, but they don’t want to have to go through intermediaries or wait weeks of months to get them. Additionally, when a user looks at a dashboard they usually end up with more questions than answers.

Diwo delivers a customized UX powered by a unique decision flow to close the gap between insights and action.

Diwo delivers a unique analytics and decisioning experience

Diwo does the work for you automatically. You’ll never have to stare at a dashboard again and wonder what to do next. Instead, you get real-time insight and AI-powered recommendations for your next business move - the one that will bring you closer to your specific goal.

Welcome to the era of Decision Intelligence

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence can save you thousands of hours and give you a competitive advantage.

Diwo guides you directly from insight to action by delivering contextual recommendations based on your organization’s overall business goals.

Empower your entire team to make the right decision, regardless of their role or responsibility. Diwo’s “action-as-opposed-to-dashboard” approach takes the confusion out of analytics and puts decision-making power into the hands of users.