Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform

Get AI-powered Recommendations at Your Fingertips

Empower everyone to unlock immediate business value.

Business Moves Fast.
BI Is Too Slow.

Today’s speed of business requires a new way of making decisions to compete more effectively. Move quickly from insight to action with Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform. Instantly understand what is happening in your business, why metrics are changing and how to optimize business objectives with AI-powered, actionable recommendations at your fingertips.

How Diwo Works

Data and Insights@2x

Connect and Contextualize Insights from Across Your Organization

Diwo’s Data Pipe capability connects to existing data sources across the business and manages all associated machine learning models via Model Orchestrator. Data sources and models are incorporated without any movement.  Diwo ingests schemas, context and syntax associated with each use case through a Knowledge Context graph, then rapidly analyzes billions of data points, assesses outcomes probabilistically and generates contextualized insights.

Identify Specific Actions to Increase Business Performance

Diwo’s innovative DI approach automatically correlates, synthesizes and surfaces insights hidden across your data in seconds. Diwo combines AI, machine learning and patented contextual intelligence to apply business rules against the insights it surfaces and delivers AI-powered recommendations prioritized by impact to the business directly to a decision-maker via a customized UI.


Make Smart, Data-Driven Decisions More Consistently 

Diwo delivers the speed, scale and agility you expect from a modern analytics experience. Time sensitive recommendations - powered by a decision flow tailored to business and role requirements - are presented via a customized UI with full natural language support. Users evaluate recommendations, then decide the best course of action to optimize business outcomes.

Closed Loop System Learning

Diwo incorporates human-in-the-loop (HITL) interactions and decision results as contextual knowledge in a Knowledge Graph. Using closed-loop feedback measured by business impact over time, the system better understands your business, leading to progressively more accurate insights and recommendations. This also increases a decision-maker’s confidence with the system.


Accelerate Business Value

Diwo transforms decision-making to deliver great outcomes across your business.

Logistics Optimization

Build systems to identify on-time shipment arrival risk proactively. Further, you can leverage model insights to build prescriptive optimization systems in order to make improvements across the entire chain

Conveyorbelt of boxes with people working
Woman employee checking inventory of a clothes rack with an iPad in hand.

Inventory Optimization

Leverage SKU-level demand forecasting in order to make accurate inventory planning across the entire supply chain. Identify likely outages and overages ahead of time in order for proper adjustments and action.

Customer Retention

Derive insights that deliver the right offering to the right customer in the right channels. With a single actionable view of customer relationships, leverage predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and discover customer financial patterns from real data.

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Campaign Effectiveness

Leverage DI to create a proactive approach to shopper needs and preferences that transform their omnichannel experiences.  Drive sales by identifying the most relevant price and promotional content to offer each customer.

Maximize Your Data Science Investment

Turn the output of machine learning models into contextualized recommendations that accelerate decision-making.