Analytics is overwhelming. It’s exploding, yet unconsumable.

Enterprises spend tens of millions of dollars deploying technologies to deliver deeper and faster insights. While there’s an explosion of insights available to decision-makers, their ability to decide and act on them is still very limited. The reason is simple: the last-mile of analytics – the process of transforming multiple insights from a variety of sources to a recommendation for action – is broken.

Analytics Last-Mile Challenge

diwo' last mile process

The last-mile of analytics is a manual and slow process. It relies largely on teams of analysts to synthesize historical and predictive insights, understand correlations among the observed trends and patterns, analyze the data in spreadsheets to determine root-cause, quantify their impact, and ultimately contextualize the resulting numbers for business consumption. Not only is this process complex and time-consuming, the manual nature limits scalability and introduces subjectivity and bias depending on the experience and judgment of each analyst.

Meet diwo

At diwo, we believe that value from analytics can only be derived through successful consumption of analytics and their application to business decisions. Only diwo delivers a unique decisioning experience to managers and executives, that solves the last-mile challenge and closes the gap between insights and actions.

As a machine, diwo never sleeps and works continuously to:

  • Deeply understand and apply users’ context

  • Predict opportunities for growth and minimize risks

  • Quantify their impact to multiple competing business objectives

  • Recommend the best strategies to address them

  • Empower rapid actions by allowing decision-makers to model different scenarios

  • Audit the impact of decisions over time and improve decisioning - solution options and functionalities