Make Better Decisions Faster

Automate the “last mile of analytics” and accelerate decision-making with AI-powered recommendations.


Get actionable recommendations in minutes

Fully automate and augment your analytics workflow

Today, business users struggle to get the contextualized insights they need at the point of decision. Diwo solves the “last mile of analytics” challenge by delivering actionable recommendations to questions like “why are metrics changing” and “what do I do about it?” AI, machine learning and automation accelerate analysis to take full advantage of your data environment, while eliminating human bias and error.

Deliver immediate and measurable business value

Drive revenue, gross margins, or any critical business metric with real-time, contextual recommendations

Diwo analyzes massive amounts of data, delivers explainable insights, then dynamically generates AI-powered recommendations to support business outcomes. Decision-makers can quickly evaluate the potential economic impact of their actions for fast and effective decision-making.

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Close the decision gap

Augment human intelligence with AI-powered recommendations

Diwo automates decision-making while keeping a human in the loop (HITL). It delivers consistent, unbiased insights and AI-powered recommendations to decision-makers for immediate action. Diwo continuously learns and adapts from user interactions and decisions to improve recommendations over time.

Decisions, Not Dashboards

Dashboards have failed to deliver on the promise of providing timely insights in a way that makes it easy for users to understand, quantify and act upon them. Knowing what happened via a dashboard or static report is no longer sufficient to keep up with the accelerating pace of change today.

Decision intelligence seamlessly takes the user from insight to recommendation and action. Diwo’s DI platform dynamically delivers contextual recommendations at the point of decision, empowering users to confidently act on data in the business moment. It’s a completely new analytics experience.

  Diwo BI
Output Recommendations Dashboards
Time to Decision Less than 30 minutes Hours, days
UX/UI Dynamic, Conversational Static
Modern Data Stack Yes Yes
Reduce Human Bias Yes
Dynamically Discover Risks and Opportunities Yes
Contextual Intelligence Yes
Explain Change in Metrics Yes
Proactively Surface Actionable Recommendations Yes
Predict Business Impact Yes
Accelerate Decision-Making Yes

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