Comparing Diwo to BI

GoalActionable RecommendationsDashboards
PricingConsumption BasedPer Seat
DeploymentCloud, VPC and On-PremiseCloud, VPC and On-Premise
Quick Connectivity to Cloud Data WarehouseYesYes
Business Impact
Link specific decision with predicted business outcomeYesNo
Evaluate business impact in real-time with various scenariosYesNo
Automatic assessment of unintended consequencesYesNo
Time-to-decision 30 minutes or less 4 to 8+ hours
Actionable recommendation created every timeYesNo
Reduce human biasYesNo
Sourcing and loading distinct data sourcesYesYes
Data is organized in-memoryYes Partial
Supports native connectorsYesYes
Leverage existing AI and ML modelsYesYes
Use existing data fabric and data infrastructureYesYes
Analyze billions of rows of data in sub-secondsYesYes
Historical insightYesYes
Results deliverd via dashboardsNoYes
Interactive reportingNoYes
Identify trendsYesYes
AI embedded in the toolYesNo
Automatically surface insightsYesNo
AI-driven opportunity identificationYesNo
Actionable recommendationsYesNo
Contextual Intelligence
Platform learns from every user interactionYesNo
AI-driven correlation and synthesizing of disparate insightsYesNo
Auto-generate hypotheses and thesis from insightsYesNo
Supports automatic inference for related subjects, questions and opportunitiesYesNo
Retains all questions asked and answers providedYesNo
Analysis & Exploration
Iterative analysisYesYes
Natural language (NLP) interactionYes Depends on Tool
Ad-hoc changes to filtersYes Simple filters only 
Analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios in real-timeYesNo
Build data stories to support a narrativeNoYes
“No Code” required for outputYes Depends on Tool
Evidence and validation of recommendationsYesNo
Scenario and recommendation archive and auditYesNo

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