Comparing Diwo to BI

The path to ROI with BI is better decisions, not better dashboards. If you are using Business Intelligence Tools today such as Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik then you have grown accustomed to what today’s visualization tools can deliver. The answer to declining adoption and maximizing BI ROI is to reduce the existing bottleneck or “decision gap” that comes with legacy approaches to business intelligence with Decision Intelligence.

diwo_Decision Intelligence VS Business Intelligence website header
Goal Actionable Recommendations Dashboards
Pricing Consumption Based Per Seat
Deployment Cloud, VPC and On-Premise Cloud, VPC and On-Premise
Quick Connectivity to Cloud Data Warehouse Yes Yes
Business Impact
Link specific decision with predicted business outcome Yes No
Evaluate business impact in real-time with various scenarios Yes No
Automatic assessment of unintended consequences Yes No
Time-to-decision  30 minutes or less  4 to 8+ hours
Actionable recommendation created every time Yes No
Reduce human bias Yes No
Sourcing and loading distinct data sources Yes Yes
Data is organized in-memory Yes  Partial
Supports native connectors Yes Yes
Leverage existing AI and ML models Yes Yes
Use existing data fabric and data infrastructure Yes Yes
Analyze billions of rows of data in sub-seconds Yes Yes
Historical insight Yes Yes
Results deliverd via dashboards No Yes
Interactive reporting No Yes
Identify trends Yes Yes
AI embedded in the tool Yes No
Automatically surface insights Yes No
AI-driven opportunity identification Yes No
Actionable recommendations Yes No
Contextual Intelligence
Platform learns from every user interaction Yes No
AI-driven correlation and synthesizing of disparate insights Yes No
Auto-generate hypotheses and thesis from insights Yes No
Supports automatic inference for related subjects, questions and opportunities Yes No
Retains all questions asked and answers provided Yes No
Analysis & Exploration
Iterative analysis Yes Yes
Natural language (NLP) interaction Yes  Depends on Tool
Ad-hoc changes to filters Yes  Simple filters only 
Analyze ‘what-if’ scenarios in real-time Yes No
Build data stories to support a narrative No Yes
“No Code” required for output Yes  Depends on Tool
Evidence and validation of recommendations Yes No
Scenario and recommendation archive and audit Yes No

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