DIWO Analytics Insight

Diwo’s Analytics Insights technology automatically does the work for you and delivers recommendations you can immediately put into action. Using AI, machine learning, and contextual intelligence, Diwo accelerates data analysis while eliminating human bias and error.

Unlock business value by making better decisions faster. 

Diwo solves the “last mile of analytics” challenge by eliminating the need for manual research, allowing users to skip straight to actions that will have the highest level of business impact.

By delivering the speed, scale and agility businesses expect from modern-day analytics, Diwo is able to provide real-time recommendations that optimize business outcomes.

Diwo bridges the gap from analytics to action and increases ROI in big data and AI technology.

Having access to a ton of data and analytics means nothing if you don’t know what to do with the information. Our platform tells you what to do and bases recommendations on your specific business goals and metrics.

Artificial intelligence unlocks the power of human capital, making humans assisted by AI toos 30% more productive than their peers. When applied specifically to data analysis and supporting complex decisions, artificial intelligence tools make a stunning difference.

Unlock the very real business growth that’s hidden in your data and dashboards. 

By presenting the recommendations in a clear and easy-to-use UI as opposed to dashboards, Diwo users can skip the analyzing and take the action.