Diwo dives deep into your business data to surface key insights that lead to actionable recommendations. Diwo enables business users to quickly see and understand the key drivers for business change and instantly get recommendations for corrective action.

All recommendations require business context applied to data and insights. Diwo applies context to the data, effectively correlating and synthesizing multiple related insights into a business strategy. DI can help test the strategy and assess the ripple effects of a specific course of action - decision-makers instantly understand the effects of their actions on adjacent areas of the business.

Diwo takes you from what to why to how

Stop wasting time analyzing dashboards and start taking immediate actions tailored to your specific business goals.

Decision intelligence seamlessly takes the user from insight to recommendation to action. Diwo’s DI platform dynamically delivers contextual recommendations at the point of decision, empowering users to confidently act on data in the business moment. Diwo solves the last mile of analytics challenge by delivering actionable recommendations to questions like “why are metrics changing” and “what do I do about it?”

Contextual Intelligence leads to optimized business outcomes

Diwo continuously monitors your environment to deliver actionable recommendations that make sense for your business. By providing context with each suggestion, we help users understand how an action will impact the business before it is taken. This process reduces risks, improves employee confidence, and leads to better business outcomes.

Diwos’ Decision Intelligence platform delivers AI-powered recommendations that help you turn decision-making into a competitive advantage.