Diwo Decision Intelligence Software

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence (DI) platform eliminates the gap between analytic insight and decisions a user needs to make by analyzing massive amounts of information to reveal contextual insight, then dynamically deliver actionable recommendations to enable the best business decisions.

Decision Intelligence reveals actionable insights in seconds

At its core, decision intelligence turns massive amounts of information and insights into recommendations for actions that deliver timely business impact.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence software answers the question “now what” by pinpointing the right actions to take in order to generate the best outcomes for your business. Our DI engine helps teams and departments work together more efficiently by suggesting specific actions based on each user’s role and responsibility – actions that work cohesively to deliver the most impact.

Decision Intelligence augments human intelligence and decision-making

Where feasible, decisions should be automated or at least augmented, creating a synergy between human and artificial intelligence and enabling more timely and accurate decision-making.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence software merges human knowledge and understanding with AI and analytics to facilitate real-time decisions based on situational and business context. DI delivers consistent, unbiased insights and AI-powered recommendations to decision-makers for immediate action. DI continuously learns and adapts from user interactions and decisions to improve recommendations over time.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence software helps you optimize your business decisions with AI-powered recommendations

Our DI software delivers immediate and measurable business value through real-time contextual advice that drives revenue, gross margins, and any critical KPI or metric set by your organization.