Why is Decision Intelligence important?

The arrival of decision intelligence is as timely as it is critical. According to Forrester, only 1 in 5 organizations is using BI in any meaningful way today. A lack of personalization within BI platforms means business professionals simply aren’t using these tools in the ways they should or aren’t using them at all. ​​Modern analytics and business intelligence platforms are failing the majority of the workforce - the frontline workers - because insights are not contextualized, easily consumable, or actionable. The dashboard is becoming an obsolete tool and is being replaced by Decision Intelligence apps with more automated and consumerized experiences. As a result, the amount of time users spend using predefined dashboards will decline. The shift to in-context data apps means that the most relevant insights will stream to each user based on their context, role or use case.

Decision intelligence leverages AI, machine learning and contextual intelligence to deliver quantifiable recommendations to help make faster, more accurate, more consistent decisions. Unlike humans, AI can analyze large datasets in seconds without errors or biases. Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform automates tasks like data discovery, trend spotting, anomaly detection and complex predictive analysis. The final decision is then made by a human.