Who is Diwo?

Diwo is an enterprise software company, on a mission to close the gap between analytic insight and action with Decision Intelligence. Data-driven companies across industries deploy Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform to get 10x faster business impact than traditional BI tools and dashboards. For companies who want to move beyond traditional BI dashboards and close the gap between insight and action, Diwo is the logical next step in the analytics journey.

With today’s data deluge, business decisions often stall out in the manual-intensive ‘last mile of analytics,’ where insights need to become actionable. It’s important to know when a change occurs in your business, but even more critical to understand why and what actions to take to improve outcomes. With Diwo, you not only close the data-to-decision gap, but also put AI and contextual intelligence at the heart of decision-making to better understand the why and what questions.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform  bridges the decision gap by providing AI-powered recommendations and contextual insights to accelerate decision-making, without requiring the technical skill or time of a data scientist. The platform delivers timely, relevant recommendations that understand business context and decision intent to close the gap between insight and action, therefore solving the last mile of analytics.

Diwo does not deliver reports; we provide recommendations and ultimately, real, quantifiable value by enabling people to make better business decisions, faster - that’s the power of Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform. Using Diwo, Fortune 1000 enterprises can make better decisions, reduce the time to decision, realize breakthrough productivity gains and compete more effectively.