How do I get started with Decision Intelligence?

Getting started with Decision Intelligence requires:

  • Data Lakes, Data Mesh, Data Fabric or any combination thereof
  • A data-driven culture with a focus on delivering business value from data
  • Data science team and capabilities such as AI/ML models and/or AutoML tools
  • A focused use case with a line of business that makes operational decisions daily

Decision intelligence platforms are consumption platforms - they analyze your existing data and leverage AI and machine learning models to produce contextual recommendations instead of dashboards. Most organizations today have AI or machine learning models to support specific analytic goals. Popular tools include DataRobot, H2O.ai, Dataiku, SAS and increasingly AI and machine learning services from AWS, Google, and Microsoft. Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform can consume output from any machine learning model.  Diwo does not require any changes to the models to leverage their output within our decision intelligence platform itself.

Subject matter experts are also critical. It is essential to keep people with institutional knowledge involved in operationalizing your DI system to fine-tune AI. Despite its ability to supercharge analytics with automation, a DI system will benefit from a human to deliver the necessary continuous tuning and adjustment. Additionally, the platform will learn from every user interaction to increase knowledge and business context within the AI platform.  As the users contribute to the business context and knowledge within Diwo, the use case application improves its accuracy in delivering actionable recommendations.