What are the top use cases for Decision Intelligence?

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform is for any company that realizes BI dashboards aren’t enough to make effective decisions and wants to evolve its capabilities beyond the limits of this toolset. Our mission is to empower anyone in an organization, from front-office employees to business analysts, data scientists and senior executives, to close the gap between insight and action and make better decisions, faster. This can mean deciding which people to target for marketing campaigns, reacting to a supply chain shortage, product placement on a store shelf, or responding to the effects of a natural disaster.

Ideal users of Diwo’s technology are Fortune 1000 companies with vast data stores and teams of data scientists and business analysts who are overburdened with large-scale, highly repetitive, day-to-day operational activities. Using Diwo, line of business leaders can reach the best possible data-driven business outcomes in the shortest time possible and reduce their dependence on “gut” interpretation of insights and dashboards.

Four use cases are driving adoption of the Diwo DI Platform among large enterprise users:

  • Logistics—Use DI to identify on-time shipment arrival risk proactively. Further, you can leverage model insights to build prescriptive optimization systems in order to make improvements across the entire chain.
  • Inventory Optimization—Leverage SKU-level demand forecasting in order to make accurate inventory planning across the entire supply chain. Identify likely outages and overages ahead of time to facilitate proper adjustments and action.
  • Customer Retention—Avoid customer loss and maximize customer potential with insights that deliver the right offering to the right customer in the right channels. Leverage predictive analytics to optimize customer experience and adapt to shifting demands, like buy online, return in-store (BORIS).
  • Campaign Effectiveness—Leverage DI for marketing effectiveness. Understand why metrics change and identify the next best action. Drive sales by identifying the most relevant price and promotional content to offer each customer.