What is the Last Mile of Analytics challenge?

In the past two decades, enterprises have made massive investments in BI and visualization tools, data lakes and machine learning platforms to deliver data-driven insights and optimize business outcomes. Despite the tsunami of insights being produced, effectively turning insight into action remains elusive to many businesses. Dashboards have failed to deliver on the promise of providing timely insights in a way that makes it easy for users to understand, quantify and act upon them.  The last mile of analytics - the final step in the analytics process in which insights are translated into outcomes generated that drives value - is complex and time-consuming to operationalize.

Decision intelligence applies AI, machine learning and process automation to support decision-making “in the moment “ by automatically identifying opportunities, detailing the risks and trade-offs, and recommending the best actions to address them. With DI, it is now possible to operationalize and automate the last mile of analytics and  accelerate the path from data to decision.