Business Intelligence can’t answer the “why” or “what to do” questions

Organizations that have historically relied on business intelligence (BI) dashboards and manual data analysis are shifting to decision intelligence (DI) to enable their business and analytics teams to make smarter decisions, faster and improve outcomes

The BI tools that remain in widespread enterprise use were designed to be descriptive (what happened) rather than predictive (what’s likely to happen next). They’re rarely prescriptive (telling you what to do). Data scientists do have access to modeling tools that are predictive in nature, but data scientists are a scarce (yet valuable) resource in most enterprises. Most are consulted relatively infrequently because data science requires time-consuming work, which may not fit within the business’ timeline or resources.

Decision Intelligence is to focused on decisions, not dashboards 

Decision intelligence augments human decision-making with AI/ML to generate faster, better business insights and actionable recommendations from enterprise data.

Decision intelligence is making data-driven decision-making a reality for organizations of all shapes and sizes, unlocking access to AI-powered analytics and recommendations for every business user (even those without technical expertise)

Decision Intelligence drives better business outcomes, faster than BI

Diwo’s DI solution takes a much more streamlined analytics approach than traditional business intelligence software and provides timely insights that users can easily understand and act upon. Diwo continuously analyzes all business data streams and identifies opportunities that will have the most significant impact.