Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of most organizations’ tech stacks. Modern analytics enabled by AI makes it easier and faster to analyze volumes of complex data to support better business decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence accelerates the speed and accuracy of decision-making

Artificial intelligence allows you to make business decisions faster and more accurately than with traditional BI tools. With guided AI-powered recommendations in the hands of domain experts, users can make important decisions faster and with more rigor, while still leaning into their human judgment. Together, human expertise, judgment, and contextual awareness combined with the automation and scalability of decision intelligence drive better business outcomes.

Artificial intelligence does the analysis for you

Decision intelligence tools do more than show data visualizations, they do the analysis for you. This is the only way to deal with the rapid growth of business data, as humans are not equipped to sort through mountains of data - that grows exponentially.

Diwo combines human intelligence with patented contextual intelligence, AI, machine learning, natural language processing and graph technologies to streamline the entire decision-making process. Users can be confident that the suggested actions will make a measurable and immediate business impact.

Breakthrough decision intelligence powered by AI

Diwo leverages artificial intelligence to continuously monitor your data to deliver a better way to understand what is happening in your business, why and what to do about it.

Diwo helps get advanced analysis into the hands of more people. Bring together the power of domain expertise and data science insights - for better, faster decisions.