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The rise of the modern data stack - with its focus on speed, scalability and making data easily accessible - addresses the challenge of scaling and reducing the existing bottlenecks created by legacy BI dashboards and reports. Diwo’s patented architecture brings together the latest in AI/ML, contextual intelligence, statistical inferencing, distributed data management, NLP and UX to deliver a unique decisioning experience across the business. See how it compares to the rest.

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Diwo’s Decision Intelligence Advantage

For companies who want to move beyond traditional BI dashboards to close the gap between insight and action, Diwo is the logical next step in the analytics journey. Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform bridges this gap by delivering timely, relevant recommendations that understand business context and decision intent to accelerate decision-making. With this approach, businesses in any industry can make AI powered decisions about marketing, sales, demand forecasting, diagnostics, supply chains and more.

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Automate the “last mile of analytics” and accelerate decision-making with AI-powered recommendations.