Comparing Automated Insight tools to Decision Intelligence

The exciting development of augmented intelligence and decision intelligence platforms offers a substantial advancement from legacy business intelligence (BI) tools. While they all provide automated insights, there are significant differences between the platforms, especially in generating actionable recommendations. It is crucial to look under the hood to discover the critical differences between each of the top platforms to understand whether your analytics tech stack will deliver the greatest business value.

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Diwo vs. Other Automated Insight Tools

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Many vendors claim that their Augmented Intelligence platform offers decision intelligence, when it does not. There is a vast difference as decision intelligence requires contextual intelligence, recommendations, and customized decision flows.

In order to help you navigate these initial evaluations efficiently, and to explore how different intelligence providers could complement your specific analytics use case, we have composed a table comparing the top analytics tools on the market today.

Check the Comparison Matrix to see what the five newest tools in advanced analytics deliver in features and how each compares.

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