In today’s world, using data to generate deep, granular insights is essential to business success. By making the transformational shift from traditional BI to augmented analytics and decision intelligence, you can successfully accelerate insight discovery, get actionable recommendations and make better decisions faster.

Decision Intelligence solves the “what now?” problem

Getting into the details of your data to extract valuable insights has always been a challenge. With augmented analytics, you can hone in on the most granular levels of your data by automatically querying billions of data points and dozens of variables in seconds. In turn, you can access more accurate insights, evaluate Diwo-generated recommendations, and delve into the “why” behind the results in order to make better decisions that drive desired business outcomes.

Make better data-driven decisions faster

When you have to wait days or weeks to get mission-critical insights, you can easily miss your window of opportunity. Combined with augmented analytics, Decision Intelligence can help humans leverage AI and machine learning to gain a better understanding of business insights in order to make faster decisions and take real, meaningful actions that get results. Using machine learning and natural language processing, Diwo’s Decision Intelligence solution incorporates the power of augmented analytics to deliver decisions instead of dashboards, and real context as opposed to vague subtext.

Decision Intelligence, powered by Diwo, helps business users make smarter, faster decisions with AI-powered insight and actionable recommendations. Diwo automatically analyzes your data, surfaces insights and opportunities and quantifies their potential impact on your business. More importantly, Diwo then provides recommendations that you validate and put into action.