Diwo goes beyond traditional business intelligence to transform decision-making by delivering AI-powered recommendations and contextual insights instantly.  Welcome to the next generation of business intelligence tools.

Diwo ditches the dashboard and gets straight to the action

Diwo takes business intelligence to the next level, skipping past outdated dashboards and using the insight generated to provide recommendations that deliver results. We continuously monitor your data environment and provide actionable recommendations that will have the most impact on your business.

Our Decision Intelligence platform brings data-driven decision-making to organizations of all sizes while empowering users with confidence, regardless of their level of technical experience or expertise.

Unlock access to AI-powered analytics and recommendations

BI dashboards hold a lot of information and insight. Diwo unlocks that insight and presents you with real recommendations you can implement instantly. We take the dashboard one step further by extracting analytical insight and translating it into actionable steps that move the business forward.

Turn decision-making into a competitive advantage

Diwo delivers business-specific contextual insights and recommendations directly to you so you can make decisions quickly. Our Decision Intelligence solution facilitates better business outcomes in a shorter amount of time. This gives you a huge competitive advantage.

Let your competitors continue to stare at their dashboards while you’re busy taking action.