Dashboards have been the holy grail of business intelligence solutions for decades. While self-service BI helped overcome the challenges of the ‘90s and 2000s to disrupt the data industry as we knew it, it was not designed to overcome the challenges nor take advantage of today’s modern data landscape.

Decision Intelligence skips the business analytics dashboard and goes straight to the decision-making

Even the most sophisticated business analytics dashboard doesn’t tell the user what to do with the data being displayed in front of them. Numbers and graphs without proper business context are just static representations. What exactly can you do with this information that will have the greatest impact on your business?

Decision Intelligence takes the dashboard to the next logical step by presenting the user with actual recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

Business Intelligence software stops at dashboards. Diwo’s Decision Intelligence solution goes the extra mile

Decision Intelligence is the next generation of business intelligence. It focuses on the “last mile of analytics,” which is taking the information derived from the intelligence and putting it to use.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform delivers tailored recommendations to each user based on their role and responsibility so they can take action with confidence and speed.

Diwo helps you leap ahead of the competition by providing instant and actionable insight

Graduating up from the business analytics dashboard to a decision-focused solution gives you the edge you need to succeed. While your competitors are still staring at their dashboards, you can be implementing decisions and taking actions that propel your business forward at a lightning pace.