The Era of Decision Intelligence Empowering Employees with AI-Enhanced

September 14, 2021

The Era of Decision Intelligence: Empowering Employees with AI-Enhanced Business Decisions

We’re entering the era of decision intelligence. Amalgam Insights defines Decision Intelligence as the ability to use relevant data to identify and explain optimal actions that improve business outcomes. In fact, Amalgam predicts that decision intelligence will be an essential value driver for enterprise analytics and machine learning in this decade. As analyst Hyoun Park states in the report:

In the 2020s, AI, big data, cloud computing and process automation have created a business environment where the average employee is simultaneously engulfed by data and algorithms and yet unable to find the most important data to make the best business decisions in real-time. 

Amalgam Insights projects that the adoption of Decision Intelligence will provide machine-learning-aided personalized decisions to a majority of employees by 2030. Furthermore, they estimate that the scalability of Decision Intelligence combined with the breadth of use cases that are covered within Decision Intelligence will make this capability the most valuable new addition to enterprise analytics environments over the next decade.”

So what does that mean for you and your business? 

We can now reliably apply AI and machine learning to one of the most crucial functions of a business: its decision-making. DI technology can make decisions with us, amplifying human capability, handling complexity beyond human cognition and fundamentally improving the speed, consistency and impact of our decision making. This creates step-change improvement in efficiency and enables new competitive capabilities for businesses.

The value of decision intelligence lies in enabling better decisions than what humans alone can do. It scales across all skill levels to achieve the widespread adoption needed for data-driven transformation, essential to competing in the digital era. The key to enabling this breakthrough is a NLP output that provides a clear and specific recommendation for more accurate decisions and a more natural interrogation process.  Diwo’s Decision Intelligence Platform puts relevant, actionable intelligence right at the point of decision, rather than forcing users to pivot to a BI tool, ask it several questions iteratively, and review multiple dashboards. More importantly, decision intelligence supports a more streamlined analytics process: allow your DI platform to analyze, synthesize and contextualize all data in real-time, identify a potential opportunity or risk to the business, and bring a recommendation that drives immediate business value directly from the DI platform itself.Simplifying the Data Decision Workflow

With more data available than ever before and growing to ~ 175 zettabytes by 2025, line of business people need better ways to diagnose changing metrics, make decisions and act in real-time. Despite massive investments in analytic tools, business users still lack the context to make sense of the insights they receive from their dashboards. It’s time to evolve your analytics strategy and put all this data to work by leveraging the power of Decision Intelligence.

Diwo’s Decision Intelligence platform puts the power of decision intelligence in the hands of decision-makers across the business. It empowers them to make smarter decisions by delivering insights and recommendations at the right place and time – fundamentally improving the speed, quality and impact of their decision making. Ultimately, enabling everyone to do their jobs better and enable business success.

Want to learn more? Download the Amalgam Insight report to learn why Decision Intelligence will define the next era of analytics for every enterprise.