Award Analytics Insight

September 15, 2021

Diwo Makes Analytics Insight’s Top 100 AI Startups to Lookout For

It takes a lot to stand out in the crowded AI marketplace, but that’s what we’re doing at Diwo. We are proud to announce that Analytics Insight has named Diwo to its “Top 100 Artificial Intelligence Startups to Lookout For in 2021 list. Analytics Insight recognized enterprise AI company Diwo for our decision intelligence solution, which “helps to solve complex challenges and bridges the gap between insights and actions through the successful consumption of analytics.”

Research firm Forrester predicts that, by 2025, the AI software market will reach $37 billion globally. As more enterprises use data to drive decisions, it’s imperative that they have tools to quickly analyze their data and provide decision-makers with specific and actionable recommendations.

“This recognition from Analytics Insight illustrates the importance of AI solutions for enterprises to maximize the value of data,” said Diwo Chief Revenue Officer David Collins. “By creating an AI platform that goes beyond business intelligence dashboards, we’re able to provide better recommendations to decision-makers that are timely, relevant, and bring business value to enterprises much faster.”

Analytics Insight, the first print and digital publication focused solely on the AI industry, combed through the market to find the top 100 AI startups that are driving next-generation developments. The top startups in 2021 provide ready-made solutions that use sophisticated AI models and are driving the next generation of AI technology.

In particular, Diwo was recognized for maximizing the investment enterprises make in their AI because of the context-driven recommendations it provides. Analytics Insight also noted our patented contextual intelligence technology, which helps companies identify and seize upon business opportunities automatically.

With Diwo, companies can maximize their existing data and analytics investment. Diwo’s decision intelligence solution utilizes the existing data fabric and machine learning models and translates the information into very specific recommendations that power tactical decisions.

Enterprises move beyond insights and dashboards and are provided with guided decision-making. Instead of making decisions based on gut instinct, Diwo users receive guidance through the discussion. The AI-powered model then delivers and validates a recommendation for the best possible decision.

Want to see Diwo in action delivering recommendations, instead of relying on dashboards? Request a Demo.