June 29, 2021

diwo Awarded Six New Patents to Deliver Advanced Decision Intelligence to Enterprises

Growing patent portfolio demonstrates significant investment in R&D and accelerates diwo’s leadership in the enterprise decision intelligence market

ANN ARBOR, Mich., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — diwo today announced that it was awarded six new patents in cognitive process and opportunity. These innovations are already part of the foundation of the company’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based advisor for enterprise decisions, and further establish the company as a leader in the decision intelligence market. diwo was recently named one of the hottest AI startups by CRN.

The six patents enable diwo’s solution to automatically sense business opportunities and risks from data and to use natural-language processing (NLP) to guide and make recommendations to front-line employees and managers, so they can make the best decisions faster. This “conversational” approach gives users direct access to the decision-making information they need, when they need it.

diwo’s patents fall under two main developments: cognitive process and opportunity. Following are the brief descriptions of each patent:

Cognitive Process

Patent 1: US20180114164A1 – A method and system for reflective learning.

Patent 2: US10621169B2 – A method and system for maintaining knowledge required in a decision-making process framework.

Patent 3: US20180114155A1 – A method and system for human interaction in cognitive decision-making process.

Patent 4: US20180114129A1 – A method and system for synthesis of an opportunity for a cognitive decision-making process.

Patent 5: US20180114165A1 – A method and system for opportunity identification in cognitive decision-making process.


Patent 6: US20180114162A1 – A method and system for determining and optimal strategy pertaining to a business opportunity in cognitive decision-making.

“Enterprises are facing inventory and staff shortages in this post-pandemic environment, so having the ability to make better decisions faster is more important than ever,” said Krishna Kallakuri, CEO of diwo. “diwo’s new patents signify a breakthrough in using machine learning and natural-language processing to accelerate the delivery and reduce the complexity of developing and operating enterprise AI decision intelligence.”

Patent details are available in the United States Trademark and Patent Office database.


About diwo:

diwo is the leading Enterprise Decision Intelligence platform for delivering business value from analytics. diwo automatically senses business opportunities and risks from your existing data and AI models, and recommends optimal decisions. Rather than users having to sift through dashboards and reports, diwo guides users to make the best decisions instantly.

diwo’s difference is in its unique ability to understand users’ business domain and context and learn from every user interaction. diwo automatically identifies opportunities and risks, quantifies their impact, and recommends the best action to take – unlocking tens of millions of dollars in value. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.