Diwo Announces General Availability of Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform to Optimize Business Decisions with AI-powered Recommendations

Diwo solves the ‘last mile of analytics’ challenge by empowering business and analytics teams to understand what’s driving change in key metrics, then make better decisions, faster and more consistently. No dashboards required. 

ANN ARBOR, Mich., July 20, 2022—Diwo today announced the general availability of the Diwo Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform. Diwo’s DI platform delivers an innovative analytics experience designed to accelerate the path from data to decisions by providing business users with AI-powered, actionable recommendations in minutes rather than days. Diwo is purpose-built to solve the “last mile of analytics” challenge with its ability to dynamically deliver contextual insights and proactively recommend the best action to optimize business objectives and drive growth.

“With today’s data deluge, business decisions often stall out in the manual-intensive ‘last mile of analytics,’ where insights need to become actionable,” said Krishna Kallakuri, CEO of Diwo. “It’s important to know when a change occurs in your business, but even more critical to understand why and what actions to take to improve outcomes. With Diwo, you not only close the data-to-decision gap, but also put AI and contextual intelligence at the heart of decision-making to better understand the why and what questions. Using Diwo, Fortune 1000 enterprises can make better decisions, reduce the time to decision, realize breakthrough productivity gains and compete more effectively.”

Diwo Was Designed to Transform Decision-Making 

Many business intelligence tools burden their users with a time-consuming, error-prone and manual data exploration process. This problem is so pervasive that Gartner warned in Top Trends in Data and Analytics 2020, “Business people still struggle to know which insights to action, because, even with modern analytics and business intelligence (A&BI) platforms, insights are not contextualized, easily consumable, or actionable by the majority of users…[they] are drowning in data and, especially as the complexity of data increases, they are struggling to identify what is most important and what are the best actions to take.” In addition, as more organizations implement modern data pipelines and cloud data warehouses, they can no longer rely on traditional BI tools to analyze their data at scale. 

In contrast to the typical BI approach, decision intelligence powered by Diwo enables a much more streamlined analytics process. Diwo works continuously to discover hidden drivers of business change and keeps a pulse on key Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s without hours of manual analysis. It delivers actionable recommendations directly to the decision-maker who simply reviews the recommendation to understand trade-offs and business impact, validates it, and then puts it into action. Adopting the Diwo DI Platform eliminates BI bottlenecks and drastically reduces the time and effort necessary to make strategic, tactical and operational decisions. 

Ideal users of Diwo’s technology are Fortune 1000 companies with vast data stores and teams of data scientists and business analysts who are overburdened with large-scale, highly repetitive, day-to-day operational activities. Using Diwo, line of business leaders can reach the best possible data-driven business outcomes in the shortest time possible and reduce their dependence on “gut” interpretation of insights and dashboards.

Four use cases are driving adoption of the Diwo DI Platform among large enterprise users:

  • Logistics—Use DI to identify on-time shipment arrival risk proactively. Further, you can leverage model insights to build prescriptive optimization systems in order to make improvements across the entire chain.
  • Inventory Optimization—Leverage SKU-level demand forecasting in order to make accurate inventory planning across the entire supply chain. Identify likely outages and overages ahead of time to facilitate proper adjustments and action.
  • Customer Retention—Avoid customer loss and maximize customer potential with 

insights that deliver the right offering to the right customer in the right channels. Leverage predictive analytics to optimize customer experience and adapt to shifting demands, like buy online, return in-store (BORIS).  

  • Campaign Effectiveness—Leverage DI for marketing effectiveness. Understand why metrics change and identify the next best action. Drive sales by identifying the most relevant price and promotional content to offer each customer.

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Diwo, the market leader in AI-powered Decision Intelligence (DI), accelerates business decision-making by enabling users to quickly understand why metrics change and then delivers actionable recommendations to improve business outcomes via a customized UX. Diwo’s DI platform combines AI/ML-driven automation and patented contextual intelligence to close the decision gap resulting from legacy BI approaches. Data-driven companies across industries deploy Diwo to get 10x faster business impact than traditional BI tools and dashboards. To learn more follow Diwo on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit www.diwo.ai


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