Unlocking the holy grail of UX design: bias-free user feedback in real time!

Posted: 2017-07-25

Author: Admin

The potential of measuring emotional feedback from users is an exciting proposition in many fields, not least because it offers the possibility of unlocking the holy grail of User Experience design: attaining unbiased user reactions, and in real time. By integrating Emotional Intelligence into diwo, we are making significant strides in adding authenticity and richness to AI communication.

Improving the performance and profitability of a company is inherently tied to customer feedback. Identifying these areas becomes problematic when the data needed to perform clear analysis is itself lacking. Good customer feedback data is comprised of a stratified sampling of customers who provide honest and detailed responses. Unfortunately this good customer feedback is increasingly rare, as customers are inundated with surveys and feedback questionnaires. A study conducted by SurveyMonkey discovered that 80% of customers abandoned their surveys halfway through, and 52% of customers said that they would not spend more than three minutes filling out a feedback form. These surveys are also hurting brand quality, as nearly three quarters of consumers said that surveys interfered with their experience of a website (Dishman).

The challenge is to maximize the amount and quality of customer feedback data received, without hurting customer experience in the process. Fortunately, cognitive technologies are radically changing the landscape of customer feedback. With the advent of precise facial and vocal recognition, technology has become more precise than ever at detecting minute facial and vocal changes in inflection and cues. This technology has been combined with the equally blossoming field of behavioral psychology, and produced technology that can now recognize people’s feelings from facial and vocal cues alone.

If properly taken advantage of, this advancement in technology significantly increases the scale of customer feedback that companies can receive. diwo Learn is proactively integrating this technology into its own cognitive learning features, and creating a product that receives customer feedback at the exact moment of use, with no detriment to user experience, or brand quality. By making customer feedback from facial and vocal cues an intrinsic part of the product model, the need for surveys and questionnaires is completely eliminated. As customers use diwo, their responses to the product are instantaneously recognized, providing real knowledgeable insights into what parts of the product are providing satisfaction, and which parts are creating dissatisfaction. This in turn leads to faster improvements in the product’s performance and, ultimately, its profitability. With these cognitive learning features integrated in the product, diwo is eliminating the current model of incomplete and imprecise data, and stepping into a new era of customer feedback.