What is diwo?

diwo is an Intelligent Advisor that empowers decision makers to make the best decisions, faster. diwo understands your business, predicts growth opportunities and risks, recommends strategies for addressing them, and quantifies their impact, to continually optimize your business.

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How do I get started with diwo?

Contact the diwo team, where one of our team members can answer any questions you may have with regards to your specific requirements. Preliminary research and meetings are also offered to discuss potential POC arrangements.

What's the difference between diwo and other AI or analytics platforms?

There is a value gap between the creation of analytics and its consumption.

Most analytics technologies offer raw materials for decisions – disconnected insights and predictions that decision makers have to interpret and synthesize for the problem at hand, resulting in cognitive overload rather than clarity of decisions.

diwo’s Decision Intelligence approach makes these insights and predictions consumable: by connecting models and decisions across silos with a deep understanding of business context, diwo can predict growth opportunities and risks that are likely to develop, quantify the potential impact to your business and proactively guide you to make the best decision in time.

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Data-centric perspective vs Decision-centric perspective differences

How does my team get trained to use diwo?

Since part of diwo’s mission is to tackle the adoption problem with many new and disruptive technologies, the diwo interface is designed for the needs of business users, with intuitive, contextual navigation (you can ask it to help you wherever you find yourself) as well as a conversational component. The diwo team will provide comprehensive hand-off and any further training that may be required.

Can diwo be deployed on cloud and on premises? What is the cost difference between hosting diwo on cloud vs. diwo on premises?

diwo is dockerized, so it can be deployed on premises on the client’s system or on cloud over a recommended standard cluster/servers configuration. The cost difference will be primarily due to additional charges by the cloud services provider. (Additional cost assessments for the cloud version can be provided based on the scope of diwo deployment.)

How will diwo handle large volumes of data?

diwo is purpose-built to be horizontally and vertically scalable and runs on a distributed scalable infrastructure.

How do you deploy new algorithms and customize existing algorithms?

The diwo team will implement analytics scenarios and then make available diwo’s insights-management interface to easily configure and customize analytics pipelines in a code-free manner. The team will also set up and schedule analytics experiments within the insights layer of diwo.

Can diwo consume third party algorithms?

Yes, it can use third-party developed models in the sensing pipeline to enrich event streams.