Business First! – how diwo aspires to flatten the knowledge pyramid

Posted: 2017-09-18

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We can all agree on the fact that we are sitting on an unprecedented volume of data, and it is continuing to accumulate exponentially. We can also agree that business is changing fast; at current rates, 75% of SP500’s will be replaced within the decade*. Organizations that learn how to make wiser and quicker decisions will seize $430B in market share from their less analytically oriented peers in the next couple years**. Even with the latest in tools and technologies, the decision-making process is still broken—that’s why we believe in a business-first approach to any Big Data analytics solution.

diwo a cognitive computing platformYou’ve probably heard of the “Knowledge Pyramid,” with Data on the bottom being processed into understandable Information, which can be further refined into Knowledge. In the end, this knowledge, regardless of how advanced it is (even the results of predictive analytics), still requires decisions to be made. This happens in the realm of Wisdom (or so we hope), the peak of the pyramid. If we keep things simple and define wisdom as “the optimal application of knowledge,” this decision-making space is where business is led. Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how even the “deepest of insights” lack the business context needed for a timely decision—and we don’t use “insights” lightly, unlike many cringe-worthy applications of that word.

By playing in the Cognitive Decision Making playground, diwo’s approach is so unique, it has the potential to turn business on its head with what we call the “Opportunity-Driven Enterprise” paradigm. By working inside the user’s business context, “What does this mean for ME?” is finally answered.

Imagine for a moment:
-A system that is always working in the background to sense, explore, synthesize, and quantify future business situations that it articulates for you, essentially presenting packaged decisions that should be made. We call these “Opportunities.” They do not depend on user initiative, differentiating diwo from other cognitive platforms that only provide disparate, raw material for user decisions, and only as requested by the user.
-A conversational interface that provides business context-specific insights along your unique decision-making process, even providing the capability to explore alternative strategies by tweaking certain decision levers to see impact in real time.
-A scalable solution that adds value on day one, by addressing single “Opportunity Types.” The user gains deep knowledge of not only the opportunity at hand, but also how it is affected by real-time context and how it fits into their specific business process. Success in one area of the organization can be built upon to ensure adoption elsewhere.
-An end-to-end solution that allows you to leverage existing data and analytics assets, eliminating the pain of assembling hard-to-find talent, while combining 10+ technologies for a seamless analytics solution.

Our limited abilities have led us to seek a closer relationship with machines, and diwo endeavors to reach the pinnacle of analytics by optimizing that man-machine symbiosis. By seeing these Opportunities before they occur and acting on them before they’ve passed, fighting fires and after-the-fact “insights” won’t characterize the business process any longer. Business is reimagined as a cognitive system whose purpose is to optimally respond to predefined opportunity types, as quickly as they arise.

diwo essentially flattens the pyramid by building deep knowledge on both the subject matter (Opportunity type) and the user’s current business context, combining them to provide deep insights along the decision-making process. Even the User Experience is defined by this contextual process, as the interface provides users insight only as required, depending on the user’s location in the decision-making journey. The latest in self-service BI tools, and even Artificial Intelligence or Cognitive technologies are still plagued by multiple adoption issues that define many transformational initiatives. We believe technology should be harnessed to free the user from worry, not add to it, and that’s why “Business First” is our rallying cry.

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