AI: How It Will Redefine My Job?

Posted: 2017-09-18

Author: Admin

In the past few years, there has been an explosion in innovation and interest around Artificial Intelligence(AI). A host of intelligent digital assistants have been developed, from the generalists—designed to help with a large variety of fairly shallow requests—to the specialists: those which have deep knowledge in a specific area and focus on a specific task.

In a business setting, hundreds or even thousands of such virtual assistants are becoming available, specializing in tasks such as scheduling staff and meetings, booking client appointments and following up afterwards, generating reports, and managing email and other files. Gartner predicts that by 2030, spending on “virtual talent” will exceed 10% of human staff costs. While the adoption of intelligent AI agents can help employees and entrepreneurs become more successful, the ability to “hire,” train and manage a personal team of virtual employees will become increasingly important, requiring the development of managerial skills for those at every organizational level.

In essence, we can all benefit from honing our managerial and analytical skills. As much of the administrative work that traditionally falls to managers and entrepreneurs becomes outsourced to virtual assistants, more value will be placed on “human” skills such as collaboration, creativity, networking and empathy. And as AI augments human judgment and decision-making, leaders who utilize the support of intelligent systems will have an edge over their peers by optimizing their decisions using AI capabilities.

As with any transformation, some areas of the economy will experience shifts in the value chain; even so, the huge boost to human capability that AI offers is an incredibly exciting prospect to look forward to. Symbiotic relationships with advanced AI platforms such as diwo will optimize our human, non-linear decision-making process, creating capabilities that were only dreams not too long ago.